Crafting and my new job

Today could not have gotten any better. Got 2 Jcrew shorts in the mail. FIT LIKE A DREAM. I got teal and grey and they are long enough... and were only $20. find them here. Also loving my Jellies and my new denim shirt!

I also decided to do some pinterest projects I liked a while back. I made a ornament of our wedding invitation, I was mostly suprised hobby lobby already had stuff for christmas, did they forget its only summer?? but I knew if I didnt make it now I probably wouldnt.

I also saw this cute shadow box idea from my friend Olivia who I used to work with. She keeps every ticket and stuff that her and her husband have and puts it in a shadow box. I LOVE that. I have kept most of our stuff in a book I made for Travis which I dont want to take apart, but I like the idea of having everything before our marriage in that book and everything after in this shadow box!

Next I made this little message board for Travis and I to leave love notes for each other. We will see if it catches on. Even if it doesnt I like the idea of writing quotes on it.


I am soooooo excited. Like soooooo excited!!! Qualtrics is the kind of company I have been dreaming of working for. I will be a professional services consultant, which means I will be working on custom projects with corporate clients who want surveys built for mostly market research purposes. The coolest thing is that I origonally applied for an entry level position but after being interviewed by 5 people they decided this position will fit my personality, skills, and experience the best. The company is growing incredibly fast so who knows what I'll be doing even in a year from now.

The coolest thing about qualtrics tho is the working environment, which I have realized over the past two years is incredibly important to me. Everything is open and transparent. Employees are taken care of and managers want to help employees reach their potential. Also, their offices are amazing: fully stocked kitches, ice cream machine, drink machines, $2 catered lunch tuesdays, food trucks outside most lunch times (yeah this is looking bad healthwise isnt it?), huge gym, showers, bikes (there we go) and even awesome trails in the areas near the building. I have already started planning my exercise routine. I am thinking 2 days of running before work on the trails, 2 days at the gym, and one day on the treadmill desk stations (yeah they have those).

Gosh I am so excited. Seriously this is such a blessing. I was so worried when I lost my job a month ago, and for such a positive opportunity to come up so soon is incredible. Literally the first day I could work a full-time job is when I start with Qualtrics. I am amazed. I am so grateful my husband had the insight to encourage me to apply, it hadn't even crossed my mind. Here's to starting off my career :)

P.S. How Could I not love working for a company that does stuff like this 

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