Sundays are our busiest days

I cannot believe it is already June! Goodness. Travis and I will have been married 6 months on the 28th, THAT. IS. SO. CRAZY. Seems like our wedding was last week.

Sunday morning My presidency went and visited a lady who had a baby in our ward. The baby was adorbs but my favorite was their two-year-old gwenna she is the cutest little two year old on the planet. She was talking our ears off for the 45 minutes we were there. The other cool thing was that we were at these townhouses that my best friend from high school is moving into in a couple of months. I CANNOT wait for them to be in our ward!!! I cant wait to visit her at her house everyday. I mean look at these adorable houses.

After church we went over to my grandparents for fast sunday dinner. I love these so much.  I am horrible at taking pics especially at really fun things (probly not too horrible right? means I am actually enjoying the moment right??). We all ate, talked, played with the babies, and had a grand ole time. One of my cousins and his adorable 3 kids are moving this month, so it was there last dinner :( so sad.

Next we headed over to Travis' parents to celebrate his brothers birthday. Everyone's favorite part of the night was making my mother and father in law play eachother in a fifa soccer video game. My mother in law dominated. haha it was pretty funny.

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