Our favorite spot

Survived my first week of adult work, and actually enjoyed it! I also tried out the qualtrics gym for the first time, it was nice cuz I had the whole thing to myself! 

After work Travis and I headed over to our stakes annual picnic, I brought a big huge salad to share. We ate burgers and ran into a friend from high school that I got to chat with for a while! 

We decided to go to the purple turtle and grab a fresh strawberry shake (well I did Travis got rocky road, lame) their special for pg strawberry days and went up to our favorite park. Seriously this place is a hidden gem. It has everything it's terraced against the mountain so everything is on a different level. At the top is this adorable little swing. We ate our shakes and watched the sunset while belting out I'm so fancy (Travis loves that song) haha good day. 

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