The cutest mini cake platter you'll ever see

Today was a weird/awesome day. I spent the first 5 hours of work with nothing to do (its the end of the quarter so my mentor has a bunch of invoices to finish, aka not much to mentor me on). So I downloaded and organized all of my wedding photos, all 1500 of them. It kept me busy. And I swear new pictures pop up every time I look at that album. haha

During lunch I went grocery shopping and home because I had forgotten my lunch and its not like I needed to rush to be back at work. Once I got back after another hour or so I finally got a project. One that will probably last a couple weeks! EEK!

After work I headed to hobby lobby where I picked up some things for a new little project for the kitchen and to bed bath and beyond to pick up the cutest mini cake platter on the planet. I plan to make a lot of beautiful treats to display in this thing!

Next I came home, scarfed some food and headed to my Qualtrics soccer game. 6 guys and me. plus the other team of all guys. But its like whatever. haha I played the best defense of my life!!! I got pummeled twice and scraped up my knees but it was so worth it. As I was leaving I heard my teamates talking and they were like, "she is way good at defense." I smiled all the way home. NAILED IT.

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