Much needed lunch dates with good friends

Today was mostly a waiting day. Waiting to hear back from HR for my new job, waiting to hear back from my supervisors for my revisions for my report, etc. Mostly I did nothing of value. I did try Cubby's Oh my gosh. Amazing. Probably the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. I will definitely be hitting that place up again. YUM.

After cubby's and catching up with Amanda we went and visited the new home of public health students, the life sciences building (pictured above). We were raging with jealousy as we walked through the beautifully crafted halls. Our only consolation was that the poor students dont actually have any classes in there so the MPH students have to walk all the way across campus to go to class. SUCKERS. I made this for dinner, delicious. We pretty much watched tv and went to bed super early cuz we were tired. Tomorrow will be a much more exciting day. 

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