A beautiful weekend

What a beautiful weekend! We started it off with a fun little getaway to salt lake Friday night to celebrate 6 months of being married! Travis surprised me with a beautiful willow tree, he's a cute one. Then we went to the melting pot (delicious) where our server thought we were adorable for celebrating 6 months and brought us a special treat! 

The rest of our getaway included room service breakfast, two trips to city creek (shopping one day, lunch the other) and the salt lake farmers market where we got yummy salsa and veggies. 

On the way back I picked up a plant from my cousin (they are moving to North Carolina on Monday) and said goodbye to the children. Abe was a crack up. We were playing in his room and he was like hey where's Travis? I was how the heck do you remember my husband who isn't here's name?!? (He wasn't there cuz we had driven to salt lake separately since he works there) Then he proceeded to stand in front of the fan hilariously and waved goodbye to me from the front window. Tear. 

After we got home we headed to st. George for my little cousins blessing with my family. There was amazing food and beautiful babies. It was a blast to road trip down with my fam. 

Can't wait for next weekend!!! 

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