Recipes I've tried and LOVED lately

I just wanted to post some recipes I have made lately that have been delicious

This was delicious, I actually couldn't find orzo pasta at the store so I just made some whole wheat pasta and used the extra sauce for it. DELICIOUS. Pretty sure this is Travis' new fav.

"I didn't know if you would want Mexican as much as I always want Mexican" ~Megan Thacker Disneyland 2013. Guys I am obsessed with Mexican Food. OBSESSED. Especially anything I can put avocado on, which is everything. This was a great choice, I used a little too much sauce, I don't really read measurements anymore apparently haha, but still way good! 

Last but not least, this soup has AMAZING flavor, probably not the healthiest, but definitely tasty. We dipped whole wheat bread in for added awesomeness 

I am doing a lot of the cooking lately. I get home from work around 5:15 and Travis gets home around 6:15 so it just makes sense. Travis has agreed to doing most of the cooking during the school year sine I'll be working up a storm so that will be nice :) 

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