I'm a Qubie!!

Here's a look into my office. Isn't it AMAZING??? 

Interesting facts: company dog Barnaby likes drinking out of the water fountains and begging for your food, the meeting rooms are all named for disney characters and philosophers, qualtrics is the only non-food establishment to have freestyle coke machines (I pretty much only use them for water) but they are still cool!

My favorites: 3 fully stocked kitchens (breakfast, sweet, and salty themed), exposed red brick, treadmill desks, massage chairs, I have a window desk, I am sure I'll come up with more :) I joined our department soccer team, I am the only girl but its whatevs.

There are pretty much no bad things about this job except that our building is always FREEZING.

 I am officially a Qubie= qualtrics newbie. I was given my hat this morning at the company meeting!!!

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  1. That really does look like a sweet place to work!! And the three stocked kitchens thing is awesome. :)