Another Half on the horizon

Finally getting back into running. It's time. Travis and I have decided to run the thankful half on thanksgiving day in Lehi! I am really excited about it. This year I will feel energized and ready to eat my heart out when the time comes. haha

Last night Megan and I were going to run outside, but turns out it decided to pour rain, so instead we headed to the Qualtrics gym instead. We ran, stretched, biked, did some weights, and threw a medicine ball back and forth.

I am really excited to have the focus of running another half marathon. I live an overall healthier lifestyle when I have a race in mind. I want to participate in more sporting events, eat healthier, and have a positive attitude.

Qualtrics is an awesome place, where else can you eat a chocolate chip muffin and milk right after your workout?? haha

Miles today: 1.5
Miles this year: 38.5

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  1. so exciting! keep up the good work! 1/2 marathons are awesome!