Decompressing from work

Decompressing, letting go of the stress of the work day... I am so not good at it yet.

When come home from work I am often stressed. I either want to be alone and do my own thing or I snap at my husband for stupid reasons. Not the best.

Ive realized this week that I need to find a way to de-stress when I get home from work. I need something that takes 10-15 minutes and helps me let go and enjoy the time I have at home. I need to enjoy the rest of my life.

I am thinking I need to read, meditate, walk around the block, or do some yoga. I think I'll try them  all and see what happens.

Today was especially stressful day at work. Not a bad day, just some tight deadlines that I was concerned we wouldn't meet. They day went by SUPER FAST, and before I knew it it was 4pm and I hadn't eaten lunch. If you know me, that is strange. The good thing is that we had had a huge company breakfast when I got to work, but still not acceptable.

I am still getting the hang of this full-time job thing, I hope soon that it will seem more natural!

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