Food at work

In case you haven't noticed, my life kind of revolves around work these days. Which is good and bad. One good thing is that there is amazing food at work most of the time. 

1. Coke machines, only used this twice for anything besides water, but they are pretty fun! 

2. Best candy whenever I want. The ironic part is that every time I go work on the treadmill desks the candy is right next to them. haha

3. Our team got doughnuts the other day because we hit our quarterly sales goal. We also get delicious breakfasts every thursday morning for our company meeting, today was magelby's. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm. We also have a whole kitchen devoted to breakfast, which I utilize almost every morning.

4. For our end of the quarter celebration we got TUCANOS. DELICIOUS. I ate way too much food that day. We also get $2 tuesdays and free lunch fridays which are always good.

5. There are food trucks outside our building everyday. EVERY DAY. Mostly for the Vivnt people, but whatever. Yesterday I got the last Sweet Burrito. What up. It was sooo good.

There is also always an abundance of fruit and healthy granola bars so its not all sugary food, sugary is just more fun to show pictures of haha

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