Fourth of July weekend

3rd of July is a big deal for the Sievers. The Charles grandparents live in North salt lake and they live on a huge golf course that does a 3rd of July show! It is always great!!! 

I decided to make a delicious patriotic cake. SO TASTY. Travis ate it for breakfast two mornings in a row.

We got to go to Stadium of Fire with my family on the 4th. OH MY GOSH. Carrie Underwood was INCREDIBLE.  I love her so much! Seriously she was amazing. can't even put into words. Then to top it off I was blown away by the fireworks show.

The long weekend was so nice. We decided to go golfing with my brother and sister in law. It was HOT. but really fun!

I'll be off the grid for a bit for a little Charles family reunion this next week in Island Park (Yellowstone). I am excited for another 3 days of Vacation :)

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