I started a little running group

Since I am training for a half marathon I have to be running 5 days a week, and its hard for me to run by myself. Especially when I need to run, which is in the morning.

I decided it would be fun to start a running group with some people in my ward because I have been wanting to make some new friends. We've done it twice this week and its been a blast!!! I love having a running buddy and getting to know some new girls in our ward.

One of the girls even introduced me to an awesome trail that is right by our houses that I hadn't noticed! way better than running in the streets or on the broken sidewalks!

I also feel great at work after I've run, since I sit at a computer all day. I really hope this continues, because it makes my day that much better.


  1. so fun!! seriously a group helps so much. we ran with a team training for this past marathon and it made a major difference! XO

  2. I love albion fit! I have that print in the swimsuit!!!! I do want the pants tooo!

    1. Oh my I am so Jealous!!! I wanted the one piece sooooo bad but just could not justify buying it when I already had 4 perfectly nice swimsuits. I decided I will definitely buy one of their suits next year, when its time to get rid of one or two of my older ones :)