On feeling single when you are married

It happened. Everyone said it would, and for some reason I didn't believe it.

My husband and I never see each other.

We were spoiled the first 6 months of our marriage. I had 3 jobs and school, but I worked from home for all of them so even though I was working a lot it could be with him. plus neither of us had to be up early so we could stay up till 11 or 12 every night and it was NBD.

Now we both have full-time jobs and with his commute, and both of our callings (relief society presidency, young mens presidency) + extra curricular activities (qualtrics soccer, Actavis softball, the bachellorette) we see each other 1-2 hours a day before we have to sleep to start the crazy days all over again.

I am not trying to complain, just documenting what our life is like right now.

We live for the weekends when we can spend tons of time together. We have a lot going on this weekend. BBQ in Lehi with my classmates with a wedding reception after. Running for me/basketball for him, tennis with friends, and a surprise date on saturday. Dinner at my parents sunday (i get to cook in my moms newly remodeled kitchen :D) and then a little devotional concert (Joshua Creek) with my family.

We also got our wedding photos that we printed today!!! LOVE THEM!!! It was fun to trade out some of our bridals we have up for some wedding day photos :)

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