Runnin with my Boy!

We found this gem on our run tonight. Cute little bridge and a little house with the coolest eating area almost hanging over the river (not sure how safe it is).

I am loving my half training. I have 18 weeks to be in the best shape to beat my PR (which I need to look up). I even convinced my mom and sister to run it with us. So basically my evil plan of getting my whole family healthy is working! :) 

My husband has always insisted that he doesn't enjoy running with me (apparently I talk to much and take too many breaks) so we have only gone together twice in the last year. but we are going to change that attitude cuz last nights run was SO MUCH FUN!! I just love being around that guy, talking and laughing with him. The time also went by really fast because of this, and when you are just starting to get back into running you need that. 

At the end of our run Travis was like, "man you know your running shoes were dirty when they are cleaner at the end of your run than they were at the beginning." hahaha

Oh yeah, and this happened, its official!!

Miles this week: 8.5
Miles this Year: 56


  1. Yay! Congrats on graduating! That's awesome!! And isn't running the best?

    1. Thank you! Yes! it takes a little bit for me not to be like "I just want to quit and watch tv" but in a couple of weeks I am sure i'll be watching tv thinking "I just want to quit and go on a run" It's happened before haha