Surprise dates may or may not be my favorite thing

Okay, they are my favorite thing. I love surprising travis with fun adventurous dates! It is SO MUCH FUN!!! Most of my awesome ideas come from groupon which is great because it means I am getting deals right? haha I plan a surprise date every 2-3 months depending on if I have a great idea or not. 

We zip lined down provo canyon with adventure zip-line. They have 5 zip-lines ranging from 500-1500 feet in length. Seriously so much fun!! Our guide also just happened to be one of my long lost freshman friends (we were in the same FHE group and did the same major!) it was fun to catch up with her. 

On Sunday I got to cook in parents finally finished newly remodeled kitchen. BEAUTIFUL right?? my mom isn't huge into cooking, which i think is a shame with such a beautiful place to do it so she asked me to cook for our bi-monthly dinner. I cooked Mongolian beef with rice and broccoli. SO YUMMY. It was weird having my mom ask for directions from me, but I enjoyed it all. She invited me to cook every sunday we are there, and I accepted. I mean how can I pass that up??

After dinner we headed to a Joshua Creek devotional concert. It totally just felt like summer. We lounged in lawn chairs and in the grass and listened to some good ole fashioned sunday tunes. I had a lot of fun!

Miles this weekend: 3
Miles this year: 47.5


  1. I went zip lining last week as well! So much fun!!

  2. Ooh, a ziplining date sounds like fun! I think the closest place for us to do that is about 5 hours away.
    Also, your parents kitchen is GORGEOUS! I've really started to enjoy cooking/baking/kitcheny stuff in the last year and have a pretty kitchen to do it all in makes it even more fun.