Weekend's alone

This weekend Travis went to scout camp.... and I stayed here. And all of my friends were gone or busy. So I had some time to my self. I decided to stay at my parents house for my first night away from my hubby (I'm pathetic). My family was in California all week and didn't get back from their flight until after 11pm.

Friday activities alone:
Feeding the dog for my parents(yeah I am nice)
Organizing the 400+ wedding photos that came in the mail today
Planning a secret date for next saturday
Working out details for our Labor Day Seattle trip (SO EXCITED)
Pinteristing Decor Ideas (for final apartment touches, seriously so close!!!)

Saturday Acitvities
Niece's birthday party (there was cotton candy!!!)
Weeding the garden
husband came home early!!

Sunday activities
Missionary homecoming talk and Korean BBQ
Baby blessing and delicious luncheon with old friends
Making teacup chocolate chip cookies for dinner at my parents house
Deciding on wedding photos to finally print
Taking a walk with my parents and little bro

Miles this weekend 5.5
Miles this year: 44

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