Birthday week

Birthdays should never just last a day, they should last AT LEAST a week. Preferably longer. My birthday week started last Saturday with birthday shopping and Wicked with my mom and sister and will continue till monday night when my family is cooking me a steak birthday dinner.

One thing we got to do for my birthday was fulfill my lifelong dream of galloping on a horse. Travis' boss from BYU owns 8 horses and we finally got to go out and ride them. It was so much fun!

It was a beautiful day to go horseback riding. We were riding for 3 hours up hobble creek canyon. Here are some pictures from the adventure:

Updates from the rest of my birthday soon (my actual birthday should probably come Aug 3) :)

Miles this week:16.5
Miles this year: 72.5


  1. love this, could not agree more...birthdays should last AT LEAST a week, maybe 2! :) happiest birthday to you! xo

    1. I love that someone agrees with me! Thanks!