My 23rd birthday

I think my 23rd year is going to be a good one! I have been spoiled FOR SURE.

We got to go horseback riding and I FINALLY got to gallop on a horse. 

Travis got some amazing presents. I am seriously more and more impressed with his present buying ability the longer I know him. He got me some gloves that work with my phone (so I don't have to take them off when it starts getting cold)!! He got me a world map that you can scratch off all of the countries you've visited (yeah I am now starting to plan amazing trips all over the world). His big present to me was a fit bit. I have only been using it for a day, but its super cool to track your progress during the day!!

I also got a bunch of clothes, my half marathon race fee, divergent, money (possibly some guitar lessons), and my new running shoes.

Travis cooked me dinner saturday night, the best fruit topped waffles I've ever had! Travis' mom made amazing hawaiin haystacks for dinner sunday night and my mom made my favorite cheesecake after that. Tonight we are going to my parents so my mom can make me carne asada tacos!! Plus I have amazing friends that want to take me to dinner. I am one lucky girl! 

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