A lovely weekend

This weekend was lovely, as are all weekends.

We actually didn't have a ton planned for this weekend like we normally do, which was a nice change from our typically packed weekends.

Friday night we cooked up some chicken taco salads with freshly made guacamole and watched Divergent! I love that movie so much. Seriously. Then we went on a walk to get me more steps for the day (my fitbit has made me really aware of how much I sit all day at work).

-This is where things got a little unlovely for a second-

Unfortunately by the end of the walk I was mad at Travis and I fell asleep at 9:30 super grumpy (big surprise I was mad for a stupid reason). Ive realized just how stubborn I am, when travis and I get in arguments. There is no reasoning with me when I get into my grumpy mode. I am trying to work on it.

Saturday I randomly woke up at 6:30 and played on my computer till Travis woke up. I apologized and he was over it. Luckily for me Travis forgives easily. He left to take some of the Young Men in our ward boating and I went running with my bestie megan. and by run I mean walk and talk 4 miles. haha afterwards I went on a baby shower decor hunt. I am really excited to decorate for my cousins baby shower next weekend. I just love buying cute baby stuff for friends and family.

After travis got home we rushed to make it to Hobble Creek golf course where we met Travis' brother and sister -in-law and  played scramble in the beautiful canyon. It was the most peaceful night! We just like to have fun when golfing and don't take ourselves too seriously. The good news is that I am amazing and Driving and Travis is better after that, so we made a pretty good team.

Next we headed to Sammy's in Provo, because I had a group on. Everything was delicious except for the fact that my burger was a little more on the well done side. haha We watched a couple of episodes of house and drifted off to sleep.

Sometimes you need to just take it easy and recoup on the weekends.

Miles this week:14.5
Miles this year: 87