One of the best TED talks I've ever seen

One of my co-workers yesterday suggested that I watch this TED talk.

Not only is the presenter HILARIOUS but he talks about happiness and how our current paradigm for happiness is wrong. We think this way: Goal set, reach, set higher goal, reach, set higher goal, reach. And at the end of those goals or success as he puts it is where we will gain our happiness. He points out that this model makes it so we never let ourselves be happy!

Thinking about this in my own life I would say thats true. I have based a lot of my happiness in my success in academics. But I always have to add more and keep going to feel like I am getting something out of it.

At the end of the video he poses a challenge. He challenges his watchers to do the following 5 things for 21 days, and pretty much guarantees more happiness (all of these things have been proven in scientific research time and time again to increase happiness) because we are changing how we process what happiness is for us. He also notes that doing this things can create a ripple effect of happiness.

"journaling" and "blogging" are interchangeable to me, especially since 
having an more up-to-date journal was my motivation to start a blog
 in the first place.

I am accepting this challenge and I want to report how I feel after its over. The cool thing is some of those things are already goals I have and I know they work to make me happy.

I've already got my gratitude journal ready to go on my bedside table for when I wake up :)

disclosure: I played this TED talk for my husband and he was like hey whats that guys name? and he goes over to our bookshelf and pulls out a book that he had told me I needed to read a couple months before we had even started dating. haha

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