Prepping for Seattle

5 day Seattle vacation, yes please!!!

Summer has been super crazy with Travis' internship, and my new job. At the beginning of the summer we knew we needed to book a trip to look forward to before school starts and a whole new kind of crazy starts.

So our Seattle trip was born. My parents are both from the Seattle area so I have been there once, but Travis has never been! I am so excited about this. Travis has an Aunt and Uncle that live in Woodinville (approx. 25 min from Seattle) and has never visited them! Gasp.

They are being generous enough to let us stay at their house, borrow one of their cars, and use their boat. *spoiled*

Tonight we need to pack and make sure we have our flight info and documents all ready. We also need to start looking up places to eat at while we are in Seattle. Here is what we plan to do, we haven't decided on the days yet but this is the basic schedule:

Day 0
Fly into Seattle at 10pm

Day 1
Needle day/night trip
Seattle Center
Underground Seattle tour
Eat delicious food

Day 2
Pikes place market
Ferry to Bainbridge island
Seattle Temple
Eat delicious food

Day 3
Mariners game
Eat delicious food

Day 4~Sunday
Travis to watch pre-recorded BYU game
Snoqualmie Falls

Day 5
Sleep in
Fly home

I also have a new toy to bring along and capture all of the fun! :)

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  1. Ah I am so jealous! I've always wanted to go! I hear it's beautiful. Can't wait to see the pictures!