So proud of my man.

This guy spent the last 4 months doing a engineering internship at Actavis Pharmecueticals. He finished last Friday!

He loved it, and did really really well there. They tried to get him to stay on until he graduates.

The head of the department at his final internship presentation and review said, "You are the best intern we have ever had and completely renewed our faith in the internship program." Yeah he's awesome. His manager said similar things as well.

He unfortunately can't stay on due to a ridiculous school schedule for fall and winter (17-18 engineering credits each semester). Plus its just too far to drive. If it was close he could 10-15 hours in a week, but an hour drive makes that crazy with so much school. Travis also values a work/life balance which i think is awesome! 

I am so proud of how hard he worked. Part of the reason why I love this man is because of his work ethic. Being married is so fun, because of how much you get to share in the joys and successes of life. Way to go baby!

Can't wait to see what's next for you, and for us!

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