What a full time means for us

Travis internship ends in a week! Wahoo!! He has actually really enjoyed working for Actavis the last 3 months. I think he will consider working there after he graduates. It will be super nice for him to be able to sleep in and not have to commute for 3 hours everyday. Plus it will be easier for us to have regular dinners, because he will be able to cook more again.

Our full-time work usually translates into this schedule for us:

Wake up at 7am as Travis is leaving, and go running with friends or work on my blog
Head into work by 8:30
Lunch break (sometimes at my desk, sometimes out with friends)
WORK WORK WORK (I usually take a walk around 3)
Get home around 5:30
Make dinner
Run if I didn't in the morning/ soccer game
Watch house
Crash around 10pm

Wake up at 6:15, and leave by 7am
get to work around 8
Leave around 4:30
Get home around 5:15 (he used to get home around 6:15 before he decided to leave even earlier)
Church meetings/soccer game
Watch house
Crash around 10pm

I think as I get the hang of my job we can get into a better rhythm, but basically right now we live for the weekends. The good thing is we both love our jobs so the workdays go by fast and it always feels like the weekend!!

I love this boy of mine!

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