Book Review: Unbroken

I haven't done a good book review in a long time. This one was just too good to pass up. I definitely gave this book 5 stars on goodreads.

Unbroken: Laura Hillenbrand

This book chronicles Louis Zamparini's life. He was an olympic runner and Japanese POW survivor in WWII. His story was quite miraculous and shows how tough the will to hold on really can be during extremely difficult times.

I learned a lot about the fight against the Japanese during WWII. I feel like most of what I had read up to this point about WWII centered on the war in Europe. There was so much in this book that I didn't know. The book is extremely well written and compels you to keep reading and find out what happens next.

I actually think the best part was that I was listening to the book while running 7 miles and I was on the chapters talking about his running career. Motivation.

For anyone that enjoys history, especially that around WWII, this is a great read.

The circus: another surprise date success

A few months ago Travis and I watched Water for Elephants, and immediately wanted to go to the circus. I looked up when The Ringling Brothers Circus was coming to Salt Lake, invited some friends and bought tickets. Without Travis knowing of course. 

Our seats were decent but not anything special until intermission when a lady came up to us and said ,"we are leaving and have 4 seats on the third row if you guys want to take them." We were ecstatic. Especially my amazing friend Jaimie. I thought she was going to hyperventilate she was so excited. 

My favorite part was by FAR the elephants. I have loved elephants since I was a little girl and it is a major dream of mine to ride one someday. Maybe in India?? haha hopefully. 

It was so fun to catch up with Jaimie and her husband Geoff. 

The rest of our weekend included chilling at my parents house watching my siblings, Yoga, a new show that my little sister introduced us to called, "married at first sight," relaxing (sort of I was mostly just sick), and harry potter with Travis' family.

My sunday was spent lying in bed trying to get better. Fun stuff.

Adult life requires you even when you are sick

Something that sucks about being an adult--> going to work when you are sick.

I've been sick for about a week now.

Its not the I'm lying on my deathbed kind of sick, more the I feel a little crappy and don't want to do much of anything kind of sick.

In college I could easily skip class if I was even just feeling a little under the weather. Now it seems silly to use up sick/vacation days because of a little cold.

Being an adult is so fun. And I am a major complainer today.

At least its the weekend. Hopefully I'll be over it by tomorrow.

Miles this week: 18
Miles this year: 168

Spending time together, doing each others "things"

I was talking to someone a couple weeks ago and they talked about how as a couple him and his wife never do things together that the other loves. It made me so sad. And he seemed sad relaying it as well.

Doing things Travis enjoys makes me happy and makes him really happy. I am still working on trying to love his things like he does, but I think its a worthwhile cause.

My husband and I are VERY different. That was actually one of my hesitations with dating him in the first place.

We really enjoy different things. We like different sports, different food, and different movies.

He loves boating, skiing, soccer, football, Italian food, etc.

I love running, reading, biking, concerts, Mexican food, etc.

Sometimes I have to do things that I don't particularly like. But Travis does the same. We do them for each other and it brings us closer. Helps us understand each other better. Plus we have both grown to love unexpected things. I have really enjoyed learning to play soccer and he had no idea he liked cooking until we started doing it together.

I think it is really important to learn from and do things with each other. I love learning new things from travis and I love teaching him. Doing activities together is super important for us to stay connected and excited to be together.

I also love trying new things that neither of us have ever done. Its fun to create a memory doing something that we have only ever done with each other. When we were dating, we took a stained glass class, and decided it was something we totally want to get into when we are old. Its so fun to try new things together!

Loving. Learning. Growing.

Jamberry Nails Review

The other night I hosted an online Facebook party with some close friends. A Facebook party for Jamberry Nails!

I was hesitant when I first heard of Jamberry. I was like okay that looks really way more difficult than polish. I actually thought that as I was first applying them (and yes I did it wrong the first time). Heres the application video that tells you how to do it right. After wearing them for about 5 minutes tho I was sold.

How else can you get super cool designs, no chipping, and no drying? no where.

My biggest problem with nail polish is that waiting for it to dry never works out for me. I ALWAYS smudge it. always. So basically Jamberry is my new best friend.

They last for 1-2 weeks depending on how long you want to keep them on and they don't damage your nails.

Love. I mean look at these things. They are so cute!!

If anyone is interested in purchasing some nail wraps let me know!

Black nail is jamberry, pink are regular polish. Pink nails were already chipping after a couple hours! 

I used to be so brave

I used to be so brave.

Signing up to sing a solo in front of approximately 1000 people when I was 13.

Going to a youth dance by myself when I was 14.

Volunteering for things that I wasn't confident or qualified to do.

Trying everything.

What happened?

I think I started caring too much about what other people though of me. I started to be embarrassed just doing things for fun if I wasn't good at them. I also think I started to take myself a little too seriously.

I want to get back to my brave self. I want to do things because I want to do them and stop caring what people might be thinking if I look a little awkward or something.

I don't want to have the perfect instagram account or the perfect blog. I just want a life filled with laughter and fun.

Not worrying about what other people think is a process, and I think i'll get there, because I want to.

Reasons Why.

I saw this type of post on another blog and loved it. I don't reflect on the little things that make me love Travis enough! I am going to post more things like this as they come up.

It also feels appropriate because Saturday marked one year since we got engaged!!!

Reasons why I love Travis:

-He loves cuddling as much or maybe even more than I do.
-He is a great grocery shopper and a wonderful cook! As we speak he is making creamy zucchini spinach rigatoni. To die for.
-He is an incredibly hard worker, getting all his work done before coming home, often days in advance, no procrastination with this one.
- He likes being weird with me (sometimes singing me rap songs and sometimes talking in baby voices, whatever, I love it).
-He lets me surprise him all the time (Surprises drive me crazy, but I like surprising other people).
-He never complains about his calling event though it is a lot of work and often stresses him out.
-He likes sweets more than anyone I know, but he also eats any vegetable I put in front of him.
-It is very hard to make him mad, frustrated, or upset (Lets just say he is extremely patient with me). He has only really gotten mad at me once, I felt like it was justified since I accidentally burned him with a hot pan, twice.

And I mean look at that face? hott!!!

Also this song is our love story to a "T." I am obsessed with her all over again!! <3

Another wonderful weekend come and gone

What a weekend, again.

Friday Travis and I went up to the outlets to pick out new shoes for him. He bought some high tops, some everyday vans, and some running shoes (he is going to start training soon I hope). I also bought the sweater I have been swooning over from J.Crew for weeks (got it 40% off). I can't wait to wear it!!!

Next we headed over to Cubbys. My steak salad was kind of incredible!! We met up with my friend Amanda and her boyfriend at the movies to see the maze runner. Which was amazing, deviated from the book a lot, but still a great movie! Amanda had introduced the book series to all of us, so it felt right. We also ran into them on accident at cubbys (Sometimes I think me and amanda are the same person).

On saturday I ran a 5K for Huntsman cancer institute. It was fun, but there were a lot of hills so the best part by far was the free 15 minute massage and jamba juice afterwords. I also got to meet adrieene at this super delicious brunch place in SLC, eggs in the city. The only unfortunate things were the crazy amount of flies buzzing around the mostly outside venue.

After I spent some time alone at home while Travis was at the BYU game with his fan we headed up to south fork park to hang out with some awesome couples in our ward. I forgot my camera like an idiot, although I was more able to just focus on the fun! and It was SO MUCH FUN. We cooked tin foil dinners and smores. I got to hold my friend kara's super happy baby for a while. It was also really cold, so I guess its starting to feel like fall?

Sunday we slept in, I made a big breakfast and we spent the night with Travis family eating and having a grand ole time. At the campout we were talking about how we get to go to dinner every sunday at one of our families houses, and everyone was jealous. I guess I need to more grateful for how lucky we are to have so much family so close.

Miles this week: 16
Miles this year:150

Music warms my soul

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing Colbie Caillat in concert for the first time. LOVED IT.

I got obsessed with her a couple of years ago, and have been wanting to see her in concert ever since!

I never even would have known about the concert had my friend from my MPH program not posted about it on Facebook. The concert was at a tiny little amphitheater in Draper, Utah. It was different from any other concert I'd been too and tickets were only $30! It was awesome.

We got there kind of late so got some not so decent seats, but because it was so small it didn't matter.

Colbie rocked. She is amazing live. I was reminded as I listened to her music how much music warms my soul. Often I am feeling emotions that have been perfectly expressed in music lyrics. I love how much music can impact your soul.

Also I about cried when she played "Try." Such an amazing song on the pressures women face to be perfect and how we shouldn't let ourselves be driven to extremes by them. Also, the rest of her album comes out at the end of the month. Cant wait. 

What a way to spend a thursday night.

Talks about women

Today we had an amazing women visit work today to talk to a group the woman at the company. I was eating the discussion up. Here are a fews Gems of the discussion:

-Work and life don't have to be at war with each other
- Put your whole heart into what you are doing right now, regardless of your plans for the future
- Develop a personal definition of progress and don't just chase after everything everyone tells you you should be chasing after
- Figure out what you love most and do it
- Don't let people "should" all over you (this was my favorite)

She really talked about leaning into whatever you are doing whether it be staying at home with children, working, or doing both. Work hard at whatever it is and forget about other peoples expectations for you.

Women are constantly criticized for everything they do it seems. I want to support the women in my life for all the good choices they are making for themselves and their families.

My job is awesome for bring people in that help change our perspectives and just be better.

Checked one more thing off our we are REAL adults now list.

I have this list of things that I will for sure feel like an adult anytime I cross one of them off, they include but are not limited to:

-graduating from college
-getting a job
-buying a car
-buying a house
-having a child

and getting a Costco membership.

I have always thought costco was a magical place. Where else can you get so many free samples and the most random stuff ever? thats right no where. My roommates and I used to go every saturday (well almost) to try samples.

Travis and I have wanted a membership forever, and finally pulled the trigger because of an awesome deal we found on Livingsocial. So many perks. The membership pays for itself with all of the free stuff coupons and the gift card. I was a little skeptical but ITS REAL. Not only did we get all of these perks and a membership but I was able to convince 3 other people to buy it which means that Livingsocial refunded what we paid. So we got all the perks and coupons and a gift card for FREE!

Our first trip was us basically getting reacquainted with costco. I was pretty grumpy (I shouldn't do things right after work, I need to de-stress) but we navigated through those heavenly isles convincing ourselves of what we could realistically finish before it went bad. We bought some totally random things (christmas gift for my niece, 6 pack of romaine lettuce, dried mangos, etc). I can't wait to go buy and see what else we find :)

Fall goals

So many people get really excited about fall. I am not one of those people. Fall is just the precursor to winter. Which I hate. haha but it is nice having my husband home more because he is in school and not commuting 2+ hours to salt lake each day!

Here are some things I really want to accomplish before the end of the year.

-Finish the book of mormon with Travis
-Finish my goal of 50 books for the year (28/50 so far)
-Get some fun pictures taken
-Use up BraveLifeGrant money on Move Well Project
-Exercise 4+ times per week (Need to be ready for my half!)
-Practice the guitar 3x per week
-Finally finish the collage above our tv

After such a successful summer, I am hoping that fervor for completing my goals comes over into Fall/Winter!

It was a get crap done weekend

Some weekends you just need to get crap done. This was one.

Things accomplished:

- Got another laundry basket
- Ran my first real long run (7 miles with only one break)
- Cleaned the apartment
- Online shopping
- Make a christmas card (had a freebee so might as well use it right?)
- Fall goals
- Finish up a couple blog posts that have been on my mind
- Travis finally unclogged our sink and tub... Ew.
- Picked some fresh tomatoes from the garden
- Try Jamberry nails- LOVE

We also had an awesome saturday once travis got home from his campout and soccer game! He took me on a pre-planned date. This is a big deal for him. He isn't the best at planning, so I was stoked.

We went to an awesome new restaurant in Provo called Tamarack. I got chicken marsala. Travis got the ribeye and we shared the chocolate berry cobbler. It was amazing. Go try it.

Next we headed to the Riverwoods annual chalk the block festival. Seriously so many talented artists. We ended the night with a little bowling at Provo beach resort. I won, by a lot. haha I think it was the new socks I had to buy since I forgot to wear some.

We also had stake conference this weekend so we were able to eat lunch with Travis' family and we were able to eat dinner and celebrate my little bro's birthday. Cant even believe this kid is 12.

I really needed this weekend. It was perfect.

Miles this week: 10
Miles this year:134

A rough week.

I am so happy this week is over. It was very emotional.

Stressful work week.

Chilly weather.

Disappointing news.

Screwed up dinner for my in-laws.

Cancelled appointments.

And tears.

Some weeks are just hard. It felt like everything just kept going wrong. I am so thankful for my loving husband who held me while I cried, and my family and friends also who helped me through it. Life isn't always perfect, and that is okay. hard weeks make me appreciate the fun easy ones even more.

Luckily weeks end and I get to start the weekend now :) Unfortunately Travis has already left for a campout tonight for his calling in Young Mens. I will be shopping with my bestie, spending the night at my parents, and running my heart out tomorrow morning.

Travis asked me on a date for tomorrow night too, which seriously made my day. The weekend is looking up.

And just like that

And just like that summer ends and fall begins.

I had to use my seat warmers in the morning everyday this week *GASP*

Its crazy to me how quickly it changed from summer to fall (who knows with Utah though, it could change back to summer any day now).

Thinking back over summer I just can't help but smile. We got to do so many things. We had some big life events come and go this summer. Wow.

Things that happened: Graduated, went to Mexico to celebrate, Travis got a great internship, got laid off from my first job, finished and defended my thesis, officially graduated (like got my diploma), got an incredible job, bought our first car together, Tons of boating, St. George for my cousins baby blessing (yes, I have a cousin who is 3 months old), Working for the Shine Project, Temple dates, Stadium of fire, Travis' family reunion in Idaho, WICKED,  Ziplining, babysitting my siblings while my parents go on exotic vacations, Tennis, Travis finished his internship and left his mark (they begged him to stay), several wedding receptions, Real salt lake games with new friends, Seattle to celebrate the end of summer.

Man that was a lot, and I am sure I missed stuff.

Summer goals:

I  magically accomplished all of these :) Proud.

1. Finish MPH Project
2. Finish Systematic Review
3. Start practicing the guitar (only practiced a few times, want this to get more regular)
4. Attend the temple once a month
5. Plant a garden
6. Save and manage money
7. Go through stuff and take to DI
8. Get an awesome job
9. Exercise 3 times per week!

I haven't thought a ton about what I want to accomplish before the end of the year, but I am sure I'll write a post on it soon.

It was a great summer :)