A rough week.

I am so happy this week is over. It was very emotional.

Stressful work week.

Chilly weather.

Disappointing news.

Screwed up dinner for my in-laws.

Cancelled appointments.

And tears.

Some weeks are just hard. It felt like everything just kept going wrong. I am so thankful for my loving husband who held me while I cried, and my family and friends also who helped me through it. Life isn't always perfect, and that is okay. hard weeks make me appreciate the fun easy ones even more.

Luckily weeks end and I get to start the weekend now :) Unfortunately Travis has already left for a campout tonight for his calling in Young Mens. I will be shopping with my bestie, spending the night at my parents, and running my heart out tomorrow morning.

Travis asked me on a date for tomorrow night too, which seriously made my day. The weekend is looking up.

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