Checked one more thing off our we are REAL adults now list.

I have this list of things that I will for sure feel like an adult anytime I cross one of them off, they include but are not limited to:

-graduating from college
-getting a job
-buying a car
-buying a house
-having a child

and getting a Costco membership.

I have always thought costco was a magical place. Where else can you get so many free samples and the most random stuff ever? thats right no where. My roommates and I used to go every saturday (well almost) to try samples.

Travis and I have wanted a membership forever, and finally pulled the trigger because of an awesome deal we found on Livingsocial. So many perks. The membership pays for itself with all of the free stuff coupons and the gift card. I was a little skeptical but ITS REAL. Not only did we get all of these perks and a membership but I was able to convince 3 other people to buy it which means that Livingsocial refunded what we paid. So we got all the perks and coupons and a gift card for FREE!

Our first trip was us basically getting reacquainted with costco. I was pretty grumpy (I shouldn't do things right after work, I need to de-stress) but we navigated through those heavenly isles convincing ourselves of what we could realistically finish before it went bad. We bought some totally random things (christmas gift for my niece, 6 pack of romaine lettuce, dried mangos, etc). I can't wait to go buy and see what else we find :)

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