Finding a vacation activity/relaxation balance

Ever since our first vacation together, Thanksgiving at Lake Tahoe with my family before we were married, Travis and I realized that we grew up doing vacations differently.

My family likes to RELAX on vacations. We go on vacations to slow down from our typically hectic lives. We are all really "busy" people.

Travis' family like to go crazy on vacations. Every minute is packed with something and that something is usually active. You need a vacation from vacation when his trips are over.

We realized we needed to find a balance between the two so that we could both be happy when we go on vacations together. Seattle was the first trip I really felt like we got that balance as well as balancing things I like to do (sightseeing) with things he likes to do (activity). We did a lot of sightseeing in Seattle (needle, tour, etc) and a lot of activity in his aunt and uncles town (boating, basketball, etc)

Traveling is one of my favorite things ever. I love the experiences I have, the friendships I make, the things I learn about, and the memories I make. I am a huge advocate of spending money on experiences instead of things, which is why we go on a lot of cool dates (another one coming soon).

We love traveling together, Travis has gone to more places this year with me than any other year besides his mission. I am opening him up to a love of travel. I love sharing this love I have with him. Its great to be getting in the grove of things.

Some of our next trips will hopefully include: South America, Florida, California. I am planning to go on a weekend trip somehwere to use a voucher that expires in April (Travis will be in his last, very difficult semester). I am thinking either Atlanta to visit one of my best friends or Texas to visit some family.

I can't wait to see where traveling continues to take us.

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  1. I agree with spending money on experiences instead of things. Memories last longer. And traveling is so much fun!!