I used to be so brave

I used to be so brave.

Signing up to sing a solo in front of approximately 1000 people when I was 13.

Going to a youth dance by myself when I was 14.

Volunteering for things that I wasn't confident or qualified to do.

Trying everything.

What happened?

I think I started caring too much about what other people though of me. I started to be embarrassed just doing things for fun if I wasn't good at them. I also think I started to take myself a little too seriously.

I want to get back to my brave self. I want to do things because I want to do them and stop caring what people might be thinking if I look a little awkward or something.

I don't want to have the perfect instagram account or the perfect blog. I just want a life filled with laughter and fun.

Not worrying about what other people think is a process, and I think i'll get there, because I want to.

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