Jamberry Nails Review

The other night I hosted an online Facebook party with some close friends. A Facebook party for Jamberry Nails!

I was hesitant when I first heard of Jamberry. I was like okay that looks really way more difficult than polish. I actually thought that as I was first applying them (and yes I did it wrong the first time). Heres the application video that tells you how to do it right. After wearing them for about 5 minutes tho I was sold.

How else can you get super cool designs, no chipping, and no drying? no where.

My biggest problem with nail polish is that waiting for it to dry never works out for me. I ALWAYS smudge it. always. So basically Jamberry is my new best friend.

They last for 1-2 weeks depending on how long you want to keep them on and they don't damage your nails.

Love. I mean look at these things. They are so cute!!

If anyone is interested in purchasing some nail wraps let me know!

Black nail is jamberry, pink are regular polish. Pink nails were already chipping after a couple hours! 

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