Reasons Why.

I saw this type of post on another blog and loved it. I don't reflect on the little things that make me love Travis enough! I am going to post more things like this as they come up.

It also feels appropriate because Saturday marked one year since we got engaged!!!

Reasons why I love Travis:

-He loves cuddling as much or maybe even more than I do.
-He is a great grocery shopper and a wonderful cook! As we speak he is making creamy zucchini spinach rigatoni. To die for.
-He is an incredibly hard worker, getting all his work done before coming home, often days in advance, no procrastination with this one.
- He likes being weird with me (sometimes singing me rap songs and sometimes talking in baby voices, whatever, I love it).
-He lets me surprise him all the time (Surprises drive me crazy, but I like surprising other people).
-He never complains about his calling event though it is a lot of work and often stresses him out.
-He likes sweets more than anyone I know, but he also eats any vegetable I put in front of him.
-It is very hard to make him mad, frustrated, or upset (Lets just say he is extremely patient with me). He has only really gotten mad at me once, I felt like it was justified since I accidentally burned him with a hot pan, twice.

And I mean look at that face? hott!!!

Also this song is our love story to a "T." I am obsessed with her all over again!! <3

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  1. just the CUTEST thing...and YES that recipe looks amazing, trying it soon!