Seattle trip recap

I am so sad to be home. Seattle was the funnest trip EVER!! I think it was the lowest stress trip I have ever taken. Perks of staying with family who lets you borrow their car, takes you boating, tells you the best way to tourist, etc.

We saw some amazing things.

We enjoyed just being together for 5 days.

We got to relax.

We loved Seattle/Washington in general. We kind of want to live there. Everything just felt so fresh and clean.

My favorite thing was just exploring the city. We got to go to Pike Place, the needle, ferry, the Ballard locks, the Fremont Troll, the ferris wheel, underground Seattle, Mariners game, boating, and eating a ton of delicious food (see pictures in earlier posts).

It was so much fun!!! by the time we got home every night, I was just exhausted, even if it was only 9pm. haha I even read a couple books, and ran a couple times. It was awesome!!

Its gonna be a while till we get to take another fun trip like this since Travis has an incredibly difficult schedule for school the next year (yay for graduating in april), but I am really glad we took this trip while we could.

Miles this week: 9
Miles this year:124

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