September goals

I love goal setting and August went alright so far with goals. 

August Goals
1. Be more service oriented 
2. Develop a love of scripture study
3. Go out of my comfort zone to make more friends

1- I bought an awesome book that is helping me start looking for one way each day I can serve those around me or be kinder to myself. Its going alright so far, completing one every couple of days. I've realized I do need to be more flexible for opportunities that come at times that are not ideal for me. I have always had a hard time when things do not go exactly as I planned. 

2. Travis and I finally started a new plan for scripture study. The last 8 months we have not been good at this one, but I think its going to be great. We are following an instagram that helps you finish the book of mormon every year so each night we look up the verses we need to read, one of us reads it out loud and summarizes/talks about what they liked/enjoyed/got out of the verses. 

3. This one I feel like I have been working REALLY hard on. I have some great new friends at work and some new friends in my ward. I am loving seeing these friendships grow. 

September goals
1. Focus on enjoying my half training (reach my fitness goals and eat healthier)
2. Continue with my August goals

I think its important to make small incremental steps. Taking on too many things at once can be overwhelming and cause me to give up. 

In other news, anyone need some Sunburst tomatoes or basil? we have them coming out of our ears. 

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