A day in the life

Fall means school for Travis and work for me. Now that Travis is in school our schedules kind of flopped a little. He used to leave way before me and get home after me, now I leave before him and usually get home after him. 

My days:

7am- run
7:45- Shower
8:30 Arrive at work
12- Lunch
5:30 home/yoga class (soon I am hoping to do a class or two a week at lunch)
6- make/eat dinner
7-Activities or Netflix
10:30- bed time.

Travis’ days switch between school all day on M/W/F and Work all day T/Th
He also has some kind of sports activity a couple nights a week he is on 2 soccer teams and and flag football and sneaks in being a guest on other teams. 

Its been really nice with Travis having school and work here because he has taken on way more responsibility with grocery shopping/cooking. PERKS. He usually gets home way before me so it just makes sense. 

Our little life is quite fun

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  1. Ha I love that Netflix is on there. Sometimes it's a must to unwind at night!