A weekend update

-I've now been at Qualtrics longer than 1/5 of the company. Wow. and I have not even been here 4 months. Thats how fast we are going.

- I went to another yoga class after work on Friday and once again it kicked my butt. Man yoga is a workout. I love it.

-We went to a free neon trees concert on Friday and I finally got this boy to dance with me like no one was watching :D thanks provo and google fiber.

-Saturday We were lazy and watched LDS General Conference. I LOVED the afternoon session. Seriously every talk was firing me up. Talking about kindness when you don't agree, limiting screen time and being good parents, and how important a healthy lifestyle is to your spirituality, yes. just yes.

-In between sessions I ran 5 miles. I was supposed to run 10. oh well, next weekend.

-The shoes I bought Travis last week as a surprise came in :) he was shocked and loved them!!! Also, they are super hot so thats an extra bonus!

-After conference I headed up to Salt Lake for an event with The Shine Project at Albion Fit in City Creek. OH MY GOSH. seriously most fun event ever. I love both companies so much. I finally got to meet my boss Ashley (pictured below), sell stuff, buy beautiful Jewelry and fitness gear at an awesome discount, learned a ton about Albion from the owner, and I got paid! Plus I got to see a bunch of bloggers I follow (birdalamode, freshly picked, AH) !!! I could gush about it for hours. So fun.

-Added bonus I befriended one of the Albion workers and she gave me some free parking vouchers, saved me an extra $5, she's my new best friend. 

-The spoils from my fun night at City Creek. A new necklace here and new exercise top, SOFTEST MATERIAL EVER, here

-Travis went up to Farmington with a couple of his friends to watch another of his friends fight MMA fight. All I am saying is I am glad I didn't have to go. haha but he had a blast.

- Sunday we watched LDS General conference with my family.

-During the break we went on a little hike with my family.

Miles this week:12.5
Miles this year: 180.5


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Ps I'm loving the red pants!

    1. Seriously weekends are just the best. Haha thanks!! they were less than $10 steal of a deal!!