Listening to your body during training

Last weekend I ran hard and my ankle started hurting. I cut my run in half because i didn't want to hurt it. I then took the next week off from running. going for more walks and still doing yoga. I think I am going to have to take this week off too. I ran on saturday with my mom and my shins seemed to start hurting too... I don't know whats going on, but sometimes you need to listen to your body and take some time off.

Travis thinks it may be something to do with my shoes not supporting the arch in my foot, so I am going to look into that before the week is over. Hopefully thats the problem because I really want to be able to run my half.


  1. yes that is so important!! better to take an extra week off to heal then get an injury and have to take even more time off!! be careful of shin splits! :P

  2. true... I don't know if you've noticed the different kinds of pain? Sometimes I have to make sure I'm not being overdramatic about something because I WOULD be the kind of person to think, "oh well then I can't run too bad (muaha this is what I wanted)" There are certain kinds of pain that I just push through or ignore and realize after a bit that they're gone... Even an ankle pain yesterday!

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    1. I've been running for a long time so I can tell when the pain is concerning or not! Turns out the problem was with my shoes, I am back to running in my old ones, pain free!

    2. shoes really can make a difference!! I got new ones this summer and while I haven't had any pain from them thankfully, my speed lowered about 30 seconds/km. :P lol