Not a huge Halloween fan

In case you didn't know, halloween is my least favorite holiday of the year. Its filled with creepy or "scary" things, the need to be creative in coming up with a costume, a lot of annoying parties when I was single etc.

I pretty much have only ever liked the candy and I can buy that myself. haha

We did this weekend do something very festive. We went to Nightmare on Thirteenth in Salt Lake with some of my best friends. It was a blast watching everyone else scream. Travis and I aren't super jumpy people, and haunted houses have never had anything that actually scares me. I am too much of a realist in my head I am like I know you can't hurt me for real so why would I be scared? But it was fun to be with friends and make fun of them and everyone else. haha

We also had dinner at Red Iguana in Salt Lake. I really wanted to try for Alamexo because I have heard so much about it, but we tried to make reservations too late. All that said, Red Iguana did not disappoint. My carne asada tacos with guacamole hit the spot. This was definitely one of the most successful married group dates Ive been on.

We are doing a lot this week to "celebrate" Halloween this week as well. Ward trunk or treat, its all for the kids. Qualtrics Halloween party, trick or treating with our nieces, and my grandpa's birthday party (he usually gets the shaft cuz his birthday is on a holiday). Now thanksgiving and Christmas, those are holidays I can get behind.

This weekend we also finally took my brother out for his birthday. We went to Provo Beach resort, played a ton of awesome arcade games (we won't talk about how bad he beat me at connect four), did the ropes course, and had some delicious blue bell ice cream to top it off. Then when we dropped him off back at my parents we had the lucky surprise of family we didn't realize would be in town!

Sunday was church and taking an accidental two hour nap that left us feeling like we had been hit by a truck. We've decided naps are never a good idea. haha Then we had delicious french dip sandwiches at my parents and tons of delectable cookies. YUM.

This week is going to be hectic at work and something is wrong with my running (taking an indefinite break right now), so hopefully I get to go to lots of yoga.

Miles this week: 10
Miles this year: 230.5


  1. Yes, someone has finally summed up my feelings about Halloween:
    "I pretty much have only ever liked the candy and I can buy that myself."

  2. me too! i've never liked halloween but my problem might be more the fact that i'm not creative enough to dress up and i do get scared of everything at haunted houses and in scary movies. :)

  3. Love the delicious Blue Bell ice cream that y'all had. Only the best :)