October goals

My september goals weren't super specific this month. But I feel like I did accomplish them. My one specific goal was to start liking scripture study.

Travis and I have FINALLY found something that works for us with reading scriptures HELLELUJIAH. Only taken us nine months.

This is what we do:
-Read each night before we go to bed, with the goal is to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year
-We follow an instagram BOM365 which posts the scriptures you need to read each day to reach this goal
-The person who is reading gets a back massage for the whole time they are reading
-The other person talks about what they liked from the scriptures read.

The most important part I think is the massage thing. haha It makes us really want to read, at least the person whose turn it is. haha

My october goals:
1. Do my visiting teaching WELL.
2. Attend yoga at least once a week (this won't be a problem)
3. Lean In to work


  1. okay, best and most simple idea. i LOVE this and i am using it if that's okay!!!! thanks for the inspiration! XOXOXO


    1. Absolutely!!! I hope it works for you guys too :)

  2. Love your goals! We have a goal as a family to read the Book of Mormon every year together. After a struggle one year of little ones, different ages of kids, etc... I prayed and prayed and came up with this: We decided to give the gift of reading the Book of Mormon to the Savior each year, as a Christmas gift. We don't open presents on Christmas until our gift is given. We can all give the gift how we want - come to scriptures or not, it's your personal gift! It has been amazing and we have done it for many years. Love it every year! :)

    1. Oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Totally stealing this for when we have kids!! I am sure it is way harder with little ones, thanks for sharing!