Our little weekend

A lot of things fell through this weekend. But there was a lot of good as well.

1. forgot my sports bra for yoga class, used a regular bra, had to not participate in a lot because of this.
2. Travis pulled his hamstring so that cancelled out lunch hike plan
3. Real salt lake game was sold out so we drove up to Sandy for nothing

1. Ran 10 miles with my mom! Fall Runs up the canyon are the ideal running environment.
2. Got to have basically 3 days of cuddling and taking care of my husband
3. Hung out with family and friends sunday and watched all of our wedding videos. I love mine so much.
4. Got to eat cubbys and shakes on the way home from Sandy cuz we deserved it.

This last week wasn't too bad actually I ran, did yoga, cooked some delicious meals, and got to meet my cousins new baby in the hospital. The weeks go by so fast, when it gets to the weekend I am like oh man I didn't write down anything about this week. Oh well. and it continues. haha

Miles this week: 20
Miles this year: 200.5

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