Taylor Mania

1989 is finally here, I've only been waiting 2 years! 

I am a Taylor fanatic. Just ask my sophomore roommates after speak now came out, they banned it from our apartment. Or my husband who now has to suffer through at least 6 months of 1989 Taylor’s new album. 

She is just perfect, wholesome, and quite lovely. She can make no mistake in my eyes. I love that she has followed her passion and moved onto pop. 

And just in case you think I am a banwagoner, you would be wrong. I’ve loved Taylor since my dad showed me tim mcgraw on CMTs country countdown so many years ago. I have the album collection to prove it. I think Taylors album are the only physical CD’s Ive bought post iTunes. haha Not pictured about 1st CD “Taylor” and christmas CD. Also not quite sure where my RED CD cover went. 

Her new CD is awesome. Taylor is so good at finding trends, and coming up with that perfect line that everyone can relate to. 

My favorite songs on this new album include: Blank space, style, I wish you would, 
How you get the girl, You are in love (deluxe version only). 

But really i like them all. If she hits 1 Million in this week she will be the first person to ever do that with 3 albums. I am rooting for her, and so is the music industry in general, they need her. So go out and buy it. 

Here are some amazing articles you should read about her and this album: Slate, NY Times, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Buzzfeed. Can you tell i'm obsessed yet?


  1. did you get the target edition? I got the deluxe on itunes and it doesn't have you are in love... :(

    1. Yes!!! the deluxe target edition was a must for me. I was reading an article from Vanity Fair and they talked about how funny it was that her 3 exclusive tracks would have been thrown on to anyone else's regular album! They are so good!!!

  2. Love this! I have loved her forever as well!