Throwback Thursday: Story time 1

You might not know that Travis and I have been friends since we were 15. We have a pretty complicated liking each other history that came along with being moody teenagers. honestly if you had told me at 16 that Travis and I would be married when we were 22, I probably would have gagged (That was during the I don’t like Travis phase), but at 15 I would have swooned at the thought. 

My favorite thing is that I was an AVID journal writer all throughout high school. I wrote down every single thought in my head (this isn’t always a good thing). I have my first impressions of Travis in print and our ups and downs. I want to start telling those stories on my blog every week so I can keep an extra record of them, its also fun to reminisce. 

I distinctly remember the first time I met Travis. We had just moved (again) to Utah this time and I was soooooo mad about it. It was our first week at our new church. I walked into the 14 year old class and saw Travis. Never had I seen a more “hott” (my exact words in my journal) boy in my life!! I got all flustered and was suddenly excited about the prospect of living in this new place. 

What a dream boat!

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