Why yoga is becoming so important to me

Does anyone else have a hard time making time to just relax? because I sure do.

I enjoy living my life one activity after the next. While my husband has helped me slow down a bit, I like that yoga forces me to relax while giving me a crazy good workout.

Yoga is a great stress reliever.
Yoga is great exercise.
Yoga turns your brain off to the outside world.
Yoga makes you sweat.
Yoga allows me to push myself.
Yoga makes me feel strong.
Yoga is a great girls night activity.
Yoga is a great place to make new friends.
Yoga is fun.
Yoga is the best.

Right now I attend 2 classes at 3B yoga (thank you job perks for giving me a half off membership). I go on wednesday nights with my mom and Friday afternoons with Travis' cousins wife (mouthful). I love having a buddy when I go.

Once I am finished running my half I am thinking I'll switch most of my exercise to yoga. I am thinking 3-4 times a week.

In case you need anymore proof that yoga is the best, check out this photo from a couple weeks ago. Thats me and my mom looking out the window. Breathtaking.


  1. I haven't done yoga in years, and never at a yoga studio. How awkward would it be for my very inflexible self to participate in a class? Is it pretty customizable to your ability level? (Also, let's talk about that sunset outside the window in your pic.)

    1. It is SOOOO much better at a studio, I have done a bunch of tapes and nothing compares. Yes yoga is amazing that way! At my studio the teaches are always giving ideas to make poses easier or harder. I am not flexible at all and I go to beginner and medium level classes and feel fine. Righhhttt??

  2. I wish I had yoga classes available to me! I'm going through a crazy stressful move/time right now. My Mom bought me a yoga DVD and I did it for the first time this morning. I honestly could already feel it helping so far. At least I have that DVD to help for now!
    The view from that window is stunning.

    Sunflowers & Love

  3. Ahhhh man just looking at that picture relaxes me! I too am really starting to enjoy yoga more than I ever did- I love feeling relaxed and refreshed at the end of a workout!