Thankful 13

Seeing as I am running a half marathon tomorrow I thought the title Thankful 13 was appropriate.

I could probably make a list a mile long, but I just wanted to outline the 13 things I am most thankful for right now. There is so much in my life to be grateful for!

1. My faith and Savior
I couldn't do anything without the Sacrifice the Savior made for me. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and my knowledge of his plan.

2. My incredibly loving and patient husband
This guy is awesome. I don't know what I would do without him, he makes me life so much more fun and interesting.

3. My amazing family that I get to live so close to
While I don't love living in Utah, I do love being close to my family. Being the oldest you don't always get to see your siblings grow up like I have been able to. My mom is also one of my best friends!

4. A healthy body (so I can do things like run and yoga)
I feel so blessed to be so healthy and able to do everything I love because of it.

5. Friends
My friends are amazing, and I have had a lot of opportunities to make new ones lately.

6. My incredibly fun and challenging job
In case you're new here, I LOVE MY JOB! its the best place to work and I love what I do!

7. Holidays
I love the holidays, especially christmas. The spirit of giving, treats, movies, family etc. Mmmmm Cant get enough!

8. Heaters
I honestly don't know what I would do without heaters. I am ALWAYS cold. I can't imagine living in a time before heaters.

9. Food
I LOVE food. I love cooking it, eating it, and sharing it. I am one of those people that is always thinking about the next meal.

10. Dessert
Chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa are my favorite.

11. Comfy Sweaters
I have been living in the 4 sweaters I own. I am obsessed with Jcrew factory sweaters lately. They are comfy, cozy, and fun!

12. Books
While I have been not such an avid reader the past month or two, reading is one of my favorite things in the world. I don't understand people who don't like to read. They are straight up crazy.

13. Kisses
I love kisses. Especially kissing my hot husband!
Seasons with the Strattons

What's on my Christmas list

Last night I went Christmas Decoration shopping with my friend Hailey and got some really cute things :) I can't wait for christmas!!! I am still working out my tree and such so I will post those later, but for now I want to start with whats currently on my Christmas list!

1. Salt Lake Taylor Swift 1989 world tour tickets
2. Fossil Sydney Satchel
3. Hunter Boots
4. Pretty new Keds
5. Albionfit gear
6. The Shine project courage shirt
7. Some new skirts/dresses
8. Happy Mail

I'll post even more on my Pinterest board as Christmas gets closer!

Pictured below in no particular order:


Dreams do come true!

I've noticed in my life that a lot of things happen with me having faith that everything is going to work out and later in the game I figure out why things happened the way the did.

When I interviewed for my current job I was pretty skeptical of leaving my field and trying something new. I wanted to get out of Utah and explore a fun city like New York, Boston, or DC. Its turned out to be a great move, and an even greater one after last week.

Every Thursday we have a company meeting and all of the new employees introduce themselves. One lady got up and talked about a huge project she was working on that had to do with my exact background in public health. I immediately got excited. I emailed her after the meeting telling her about my public health background and just asking if I could chat about the project with her.

Later that day she emailed me back ASKING IF I WANTED TO CONSULT ON THE PROJECT. She basically told me I was the perfect candidate to help build out the project, and attend briefings with her on a quarterly basis. I Was shocked, stunned and ecstatic.

I am officially on the project working directly with her to build the project and will be going with her on a business trip in a couple weeks. I am so grateful and happy to have the experience of applying my new job skills while still pulling from the skill set I gained in college.

I can't tell you how perfect this opportunity is for me. I am still amazed its all happening. I can't talk about the projects specifics or even who its with, but its something that makes me feel like this is the reason I came to work for Qualtrics.

I never really know where my choices are going to take me, but when I look back on my experience I am in awe of how they have worked out. Prayers are answered and Heavenly Father wants us to succeed and be happy. I know I could never be where I am today without his help.


Sometimes we can't think of what to do on the weekends.

Up until about three weeks ago, our weekends were jam packed. And I mean JAM PACKED. We had a place to be almost every minute of the day.

The last couple weeks have slowed down as the holidays are approaching and we can't do anything outside anymore (winter is the worst). This weekend we had a really hard time coming up with things to do.

Friday we went to station 22 for dinner. YUM. We made some cinnamon almonds and played monopoly when we got home. I melted the cinnamon almonds and it was a draw. haha Exciting I know.

Saturday we woke up and I went running with my mom while Travis caught up on sports. My mom and I went to lunch after and I brought some home to Travis so he didn't feel quite as left out. Afterwords we spent like an hour deciding what we wanted to do. We settled on thrift shopping for outfits for our upcoming 20's themed christmas party.

We ended up with some christmas treasures :) We were invited to the 5th annual pie night hosted by our landlords Aka the people who live above us. They made 26 pies and there were easily 75-100 people that came during the night! Then we ate some pizza and finished the BYU game.

The next couple months are going to be crazy at work with our busiest time of the year and some new awesome responsibilities, but I am excited. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best holidays of the year. We have so many things planned I can't wait!!

Miles this week: 15
Miles this year: 263

Throwback Thursday: Storytime 3

Once upon a time it was Christmas break and Travis and I were in the thrills of like. Yeah it had been 4 months of flirting at lunch, through text, at church and on Instant messenger, but still no nothing. A big part of that was I was terrified of breaking the no dating before your 16 rule, and I was afraid of relationships.

Anyways, One of those christmas break nights I was staying at my grandparents, hanging out with cousins that were over for the festivities. Travis was texting me and asking me when we could talk, we were watching a movie, so I told him I'd call him later. It was past 10 or 11 when I called, and my cousins fell asleep so I spent the next 4-5 hours talking to that cutie in the closet.

We always joke about what we talked about in the wee hours of that night for so long. Lets just say that neither of us are big talkers, and especially weren't when we were 15, so we don't know how we talked that long. I think there were multiple sessions of 20 questions.

Our 15 year old selves were quite adorable. haha


Say hello to my new running shoes

I am beyond excited to finally have new shoes that should help me run better and without pain! Turns out when you get into serious running shoes they aren't quite as cute (i've been nike loyal for years, but they don't cut it anymore). I am hoping they help me succeed in my Half and my future running goals.

These shoes were also kind of expensive, but the great thing about Brooks Shoes is that they have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Meaning you can actually run on them for a month and if they aren't working out you can return them/exchange them, no questions asked. Thats kind of what sold us.

I have only like 2 weeks left before the half, and I am kind of nervous after basically 3 weeks of down time.

Time to hit the pavement hard these last two weeks and really dedicate myself.

What are your go to running shoes?

Getting your friends to work with you

Something I've realized about work. Its hard to hang out with friends as much as you used to. You have to be more responsible about going to bed at a decent hour. and there just are less hours in a day to spend with people.

My solution: get your friends jobs where you work!

I love my job so much, and I have loved bringing the Joy of Qualtrics to my friends. So far 2 friends hired. Life doesn't get much better. Especially when I get a cash bonus for getting friends hired. :)

If anyone is looking for a job and has recently graduated with a degree in math, computer science, econ, or other hard sciences. Let me know, I can give you more info on Qualtrics! Also send your friends.

An eventful weekend with no pictures

Friday we had multiple intramural games for the husband. It was freezing so I only went to one and then vegged on the couch with gilmore girls until he got home. I needed some alone/relaxation time. It was a rough week at work. I stayed late almost everyday and barely got any exercise in, which for me adds to stress.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed over to my friend Hailey's cute townhouse to start cooking baby shower brunch foods. We had burrito bites, cinnamon rolls, and a greek yogurt bar with orange juice. It was so delicious and super cute.

I had a blast co-hosting the party with her. I think we were ll having too much fun, because we completely forgot to take ANY pictures. Who forgets to take pictures at a baby shower? Rookies. Michelle, the mom to be and I were friends in high school so I got to catch up with some old friends that came and loved every minute of it!

Afterwards I went on a 7 mile run walk. My old shoes started pinching my toes, so definitely going shopping for new ones this week. I needed to get outside, because it was BEAUTIFUL on saturday. Like 70 degrees. I really wanted to go on a hike, but Travis' hamstring after 4 games this week was bothering him. So I settled with my run.

Saturday night we went to our favorite restaurant, Tamarak, and it was crazy there. Not so much busy, but the chef and a bunch of staff had recently quit. They gave us 20% off our meal because of it. The saddest part was that the chef came out and told us they would be changing up the menu to make it more student friendly. This made me so sad because we go there for the upscale feel and because its not a chain. You feel like its unique. Oh well.

Then we watched finding neverland with my brother in law and sister in law. We started out watching a different movie, but it was awful, like so inappropriate. Sometimes I wonder how some movies get a PG-13 rating. Eventually my husband could tell I was not enjoying myself and asked if we could switch the movie.

Sunday we spent the day at my parents, eating tri-tip and playing cards. It was definitely a weekend I needed to recharge.

How was your weekend?

Miles this week: 10
Miles this year: 248

Throwback Thursday: Storytime 2

A couple months after meeting Travis for the first time, we were in like with each other. We would spend hours on IM talking and flirting with each other. One time he even turned on his webcam, and I could see his reactions as I typed, i didn't have one so we couldn't actually talk through it (super high tech back then).

One night he invited me over to his friend Brysons house (the irony here is that my parents now live in Brysons house). haha I brought my friend Hailey because I was afraid to go alone. We were watching some game and I had this strong desire for him to hold my hand or put his arm around me or something. I was not bold back in those days, and really bad at letting boys I wanted them to make a move. So I was like hey you should give me a hand massage. He did, and nothing came of it. Fail. haha I came home that night sad nothing had happened. We didn't hold hands till 2 years later (but I am getting ahead of myself.)

Travis and I don't really have any pictures together (that I've found) from high school. We had some on my medieval phone, but who knows where that ended up. Enjoy this almost picture together.

November Goals

October was such a fun month. Just looking through my October posts, Im like how did we do all of that. It was filled with family, friends, and lots of fun! 

My october goals:
1. Do my visiting teaching WELL.
I did visit one of my two sisters for the first time, even though my companion cancelled on me. I also contacted my other sister but she never got back to me. I also had this great idea of making these super cute halloween treats and dropping them off on their doorstep with an inspirational quote. Turns out the treats didn't work out like they were supposed to, so it didn't happen. I bought treat bags and halloween ribbon just for it too. 
2. Attend yoga at least once a week (this won't be a problem)
This has been such a blessing in my life now. I typically get the most stress around wednesday and luckily I have my Be gentle class which is a very gentle form of yoga meant to release stress. Every time I am like oh I am too tired to go, I force myself because I feel so good and happy after I go. 
3. Lean In to work
I have been doing very good with this! I feel like I am really starting to be independent and take on responsibility. There have been a few times where I have had to scold myself like yesterday when I didn't want to take on a new project because I'd have to learn a whole new product. Bad Jessica. 

My November Goals:
1. Get all of my Christmas shopping done (hehe stoked)
2. Buy Christmas decorations for the apartment 
3. Plan a little trip with the Husband
4. Surpass last months visiting teaching progress
5. Read 5 books this month

My fav exercise clothes

Since I have been been doing some type of exercise 5-6 days a week i feel like I spend more time in my work out clothes than anything else. Which I am good with, they are more comfortable than regular clothes anyways, and I am becoming quite obsessed with some different brands and styles.

Nike shoes: I got these beauties for my birthday, and while I just did a strike analysis test and found out that I shouldn't run in them anymore because I over pronate and they aren't stable enough, I still love them and will wear them to other exercise.

Albion fit: Their workout clothes and swim is so comfy and beautiful! I have both of these pieces and wear them every week.

Fabletics: this is a new one for me. Its a workout line started by jennifer hudson. Its a monthly subscription, which you can skip or buy a full outfit each month. The clothes are well made and so soft, Ive never worn such comfy yoga pants!!! They are incredibly cheap since you become a VIP member (monthly subscription) with your first purchase ($30 for this tank, these pants, and a great sports bra). You can skip purchasing as many months in a row as you want.

I almost can't help buying new stuff because having cute/comfortable clothes makes it even easier to get out and run or head over to a yoga class.


So like I've said before, Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. but we still managed to have some fun on halloween.

We started off with my work party at 4pm (I loved getting off earlier than normal). It was catered by Bam Bam's BBQ. There were tons of children dancing on the dance floor. We mostly watched for the coolest costumes, and talked with my friend Martha and her husband Brandon (did I mention I love having friends at work?).

Here was my fav costume:

After we headed over to Travis' parents to hand out candy and go trick or treating with our nieces. They were a darling Elsa and Anna. I spent most of the night throwing them on the couch (arms sore). haha

Saturday was pretty low key cleaning, exercising, and hanging out playing games with some of my family in town.

I went to see my cousin bless his sweet baby on Sunday and we had dinner at the Sievers. Our weekends get less and less adventurous as the cold sets in. I just can't quite get excited to go outside anymore. I hate the cold.

Miles this week: 7.5
Miles this year: 238

I get to get back into training mode now that I know whats wrong with my feet, it was my shoes people, back to the old ones for now, so be excited for some bigger numbers this week.