An eventful weekend with no pictures

Friday we had multiple intramural games for the husband. It was freezing so I only went to one and then vegged on the couch with gilmore girls until he got home. I needed some alone/relaxation time. It was a rough week at work. I stayed late almost everyday and barely got any exercise in, which for me adds to stress.

Saturday morning I woke up and headed over to my friend Hailey's cute townhouse to start cooking baby shower brunch foods. We had burrito bites, cinnamon rolls, and a greek yogurt bar with orange juice. It was so delicious and super cute.

I had a blast co-hosting the party with her. I think we were ll having too much fun, because we completely forgot to take ANY pictures. Who forgets to take pictures at a baby shower? Rookies. Michelle, the mom to be and I were friends in high school so I got to catch up with some old friends that came and loved every minute of it!

Afterwards I went on a 7 mile run walk. My old shoes started pinching my toes, so definitely going shopping for new ones this week. I needed to get outside, because it was BEAUTIFUL on saturday. Like 70 degrees. I really wanted to go on a hike, but Travis' hamstring after 4 games this week was bothering him. So I settled with my run.

Saturday night we went to our favorite restaurant, Tamarak, and it was crazy there. Not so much busy, but the chef and a bunch of staff had recently quit. They gave us 20% off our meal because of it. The saddest part was that the chef came out and told us they would be changing up the menu to make it more student friendly. This made me so sad because we go there for the upscale feel and because its not a chain. You feel like its unique. Oh well.

Then we watched finding neverland with my brother in law and sister in law. We started out watching a different movie, but it was awful, like so inappropriate. Sometimes I wonder how some movies get a PG-13 rating. Eventually my husband could tell I was not enjoying myself and asked if we could switch the movie.

Sunday we spent the day at my parents, eating tri-tip and playing cards. It was definitely a weekend I needed to recharge.

How was your weekend?

Miles this week: 10
Miles this year: 248

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