Dreams do come true!

I've noticed in my life that a lot of things happen with me having faith that everything is going to work out and later in the game I figure out why things happened the way the did.

When I interviewed for my current job I was pretty skeptical of leaving my field and trying something new. I wanted to get out of Utah and explore a fun city like New York, Boston, or DC. Its turned out to be a great move, and an even greater one after last week.

Every Thursday we have a company meeting and all of the new employees introduce themselves. One lady got up and talked about a huge project she was working on that had to do with my exact background in public health. I immediately got excited. I emailed her after the meeting telling her about my public health background and just asking if I could chat about the project with her.

Later that day she emailed me back ASKING IF I WANTED TO CONSULT ON THE PROJECT. She basically told me I was the perfect candidate to help build out the project, and attend briefings with her on a quarterly basis. I Was shocked, stunned and ecstatic.

I am officially on the project working directly with her to build the project and will be going with her on a business trip in a couple weeks. I am so grateful and happy to have the experience of applying my new job skills while still pulling from the skill set I gained in college.

I can't tell you how perfect this opportunity is for me. I am still amazed its all happening. I can't talk about the projects specifics or even who its with, but its something that makes me feel like this is the reason I came to work for Qualtrics.

I never really know where my choices are going to take me, but when I look back on my experience I am in awe of how they have worked out. Prayers are answered and Heavenly Father wants us to succeed and be happy. I know I could never be where I am today without his help.


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