So like I've said before, Halloween isn't my favorite holiday. but we still managed to have some fun on halloween.

We started off with my work party at 4pm (I loved getting off earlier than normal). It was catered by Bam Bam's BBQ. There were tons of children dancing on the dance floor. We mostly watched for the coolest costumes, and talked with my friend Martha and her husband Brandon (did I mention I love having friends at work?).

Here was my fav costume:

After we headed over to Travis' parents to hand out candy and go trick or treating with our nieces. They were a darling Elsa and Anna. I spent most of the night throwing them on the couch (arms sore). haha

Saturday was pretty low key cleaning, exercising, and hanging out playing games with some of my family in town.

I went to see my cousin bless his sweet baby on Sunday and we had dinner at the Sievers. Our weekends get less and less adventurous as the cold sets in. I just can't quite get excited to go outside anymore. I hate the cold.

Miles this week: 7.5
Miles this year: 238

I get to get back into training mode now that I know whats wrong with my feet, it was my shoes people, back to the old ones for now, so be excited for some bigger numbers this week.