My fav exercise clothes

Since I have been been doing some type of exercise 5-6 days a week i feel like I spend more time in my work out clothes than anything else. Which I am good with, they are more comfortable than regular clothes anyways, and I am becoming quite obsessed with some different brands and styles.

Nike shoes: I got these beauties for my birthday, and while I just did a strike analysis test and found out that I shouldn't run in them anymore because I over pronate and they aren't stable enough, I still love them and will wear them to other exercise.

Albion fit: Their workout clothes and swim is so comfy and beautiful! I have both of these pieces and wear them every week.

Fabletics: this is a new one for me. Its a workout line started by jennifer hudson. Its a monthly subscription, which you can skip or buy a full outfit each month. The clothes are well made and so soft, Ive never worn such comfy yoga pants!!! They are incredibly cheap since you become a VIP member (monthly subscription) with your first purchase ($30 for this tank, these pants, and a great sports bra). You can skip purchasing as many months in a row as you want.

I almost can't help buying new stuff because having cute/comfortable clothes makes it even easier to get out and run or head over to a yoga class.


  1. Wait how have I not heard about fabletics till now?? Thanks for sharing!

    1. The clothes are super soft and high quality, but way cheaper than most! Just be sure to remember each month to login and skip the month if you don't want to purchase!