November Goals

October was such a fun month. Just looking through my October posts, Im like how did we do all of that. It was filled with family, friends, and lots of fun! 

My october goals:
1. Do my visiting teaching WELL.
I did visit one of my two sisters for the first time, even though my companion cancelled on me. I also contacted my other sister but she never got back to me. I also had this great idea of making these super cute halloween treats and dropping them off on their doorstep with an inspirational quote. Turns out the treats didn't work out like they were supposed to, so it didn't happen. I bought treat bags and halloween ribbon just for it too. 
2. Attend yoga at least once a week (this won't be a problem)
This has been such a blessing in my life now. I typically get the most stress around wednesday and luckily I have my Be gentle class which is a very gentle form of yoga meant to release stress. Every time I am like oh I am too tired to go, I force myself because I feel so good and happy after I go. 
3. Lean In to work
I have been doing very good with this! I feel like I am really starting to be independent and take on responsibility. There have been a few times where I have had to scold myself like yesterday when I didn't want to take on a new project because I'd have to learn a whole new product. Bad Jessica. 

My November Goals:
1. Get all of my Christmas shopping done (hehe stoked)
2. Buy Christmas decorations for the apartment 
3. Plan a little trip with the Husband
4. Surpass last months visiting teaching progress
5. Read 5 books this month

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