Throwback Thursday: Storytime 2

A couple months after meeting Travis for the first time, we were in like with each other. We would spend hours on IM talking and flirting with each other. One time he even turned on his webcam, and I could see his reactions as I typed, i didn't have one so we couldn't actually talk through it (super high tech back then).

One night he invited me over to his friend Brysons house (the irony here is that my parents now live in Brysons house). haha I brought my friend Hailey because I was afraid to go alone. We were watching some game and I had this strong desire for him to hold my hand or put his arm around me or something. I was not bold back in those days, and really bad at letting boys I wanted them to make a move. So I was like hey you should give me a hand massage. He did, and nothing came of it. Fail. haha I came home that night sad nothing had happened. We didn't hold hands till 2 years later (but I am getting ahead of myself.)

Travis and I don't really have any pictures together (that I've found) from high school. We had some on my medieval phone, but who knows where that ended up. Enjoy this almost picture together.

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