Throwback Thursday: Storytime 3

Once upon a time it was Christmas break and Travis and I were in the thrills of like. Yeah it had been 4 months of flirting at lunch, through text, at church and on Instant messenger, but still no nothing. A big part of that was I was terrified of breaking the no dating before your 16 rule, and I was afraid of relationships.

Anyways, One of those christmas break nights I was staying at my grandparents, hanging out with cousins that were over for the festivities. Travis was texting me and asking me when we could talk, we were watching a movie, so I told him I'd call him later. It was past 10 or 11 when I called, and my cousins fell asleep so I spent the next 4-5 hours talking to that cutie in the closet.

We always joke about what we talked about in the wee hours of that night for so long. Lets just say that neither of us are big talkers, and especially weren't when we were 15, so we don't know how we talked that long. I think there were multiple sessions of 20 questions.

Our 15 year old selves were quite adorable. haha


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